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Mrs. A's Coupon Organizer Giveaway

This contest ended 4/3/12. Check this site, our newsletter,, and for new contest announcements.

  1. Mrs. A's is giving away her fabulous coupon organizer.
  2. Prizes and details are outlined in the column below to the left.
  3. Contest entry is in the column below to the right.
  4. Login to enter using a name and email or your facebook login. Use this same login if returning on subsequent days.
  5. You will receive entries into the contest as you complete certain items. Earn up to 40 entries per day. No purchase required.
  6. Note that some items give you more entries. These are the most important to us.
  7. Some items you only do once. Other items you can do daily for more entries.
  8. The more you enter, the better your chances of winning. So come back daily,

Ready to buy (yeah, Mother's day is coming)? Enter the contest then go to our "buy now" page. You'll find discount codes there. If you buy and later win the contest, you can still receive your prize, or we'll refund your purchase. If you leave this page, you can find the link to it from our home page.

Contest Information Contest Entry

Mrs. A's is giving away:

  • 1 - Mrs. A's Complete Coupon Organizer

  • binder

  • Containing binder, 2 sets of pockets, shopping lists color-coded to tab set

  • complete organizer

  • With 2 extra sets of our patented coupon holder inserts

  • coupon holders

  • With 1 extra set of our color-coded shopping lists

  • shopping lists

  • And we'll throw in a Mrs. A's Solar Calculator/Pen/Card Carrier

  • solar calculator

  • More than a $50 value, shipped to our winner

Or, you may elect instead

  • 1 - Large (or small) Mrs. A's Grocery Coupon Organizer Kit (binder not included)

  • complete organizer

  • Accessorized with extra pockets, shopping lists, and calculator, as above. Note that the large pockets are also now deeper than pictured.
  • Alternatively over a $50 value shipped to our winner.

Terms and Conditions appear at bottom of contest form.

To begin, log in in the next column.

Follow instructions. No purchase required to enter. However, we'll need the email address you enter for our newsletter subscription. We'll use that to contact our winner. Thus, the first item is mandatory. After that, you can complete as many items as you'd like to earn extra entries. Some items allow entry every day. Come back daily to get extra entries. Drawing will be made by after contest ends. Winner will have entry items verified for accuracy. If fraud is discovered (saying you did something that you did not), winner will forfeit prize and a new winner will be selected.

Ready to buy now? There are great coupon discount codes listed on the "buy" page. If you win this contest, we'll give you the option of a refund of your original purchase or receiving the prize named above.

Good luck. Contact us with questions. Mrs. A

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