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  • Build Your Own Grocery Coupon Organizer

    Build Your Own Coupon Organizer

    Let's See How to Build a Custom Large Coupon Organizer
    Components of a build your own organizer
    Putting It Together
    Finishing your own organizer
    Which One For Me?
    Which Organizer for me?
    Coupon Organizer Capacity Table
    Based on 2" ring size. More capacity can be added with larger ring size

    Choosing Size and Capacity

    1. Choose the binder size you want. Refer to the table above. The Custom Small Coupon Organizer, at roughly 8" wide by 9" high is easier to tote at the store. The Custom Large Coupon Organizer, at 11" wide by 12", holds at least twice the coupons.

    2. Choose the coupon capacity you need and consider whether you'll tote all of your coupons to the store, or a subset. Refer to the table above. The Custom Small Coupon Organizer capacity starts at about 180 coupons and easily expands to 540 (or more with larger binder ring size to hold more Small Organizems™). The Custom Large Coupon capacity starts at about 360 coupons and easily expands to 1080 (or more with larger binder ring size to hold more Large Organizems™).

    3. Based on binder size and capacity, determine from the table above how many Organizem™ Coupon Holder Insert Packages of 6 to order. For example, a custom small coupon organizer with 18 store sections and two Organizems™ per section would require 36 Small Organizem™ Coupon Holder Inserts. You would order 6 (36 divided by 6) Small Organizem™ Coupon Holder Insert Packages of 6 from the "buy now" page.

    Buying Components

    1. Decide on binder size; will you be using a large common binder or small common binder?. Reference "Choosing Size and Capacity" and the table above.

    2. Go to an office store (such as Office Max, Office Depot, Stapes, etc. or use a binder you already have). Choose a binder in the desired size. Make style choices; plain vinyl, leatherette, a snap or zipper to hold it closed, a clear window for your picture. The sky is the limit. Personalize it. Think of how you'll use it; will you carry a checkbook, credit cards, or daytimer elements? Get a binder which accommodates those (in fact, some may choose to add a set of coupon pages to their daytimer). Choose the quantity of tab divider sheets for the number of store sections you'll have, in the size which matches your large or small binder, and in your preffered tab style. Get any accessories such as checkbook calculator, pens, calendar, and decorations.

    3. Buy Mrs. A's Components from this site. From the "buy now" page, order the quantity of Large or Small Organizem™ Coupon Holder Inserts needed to complete your custom organizer. If you have 12 store sections in your organizer, you'd order at least 2 Organizem™ Coupon Holder Insert Packages of 6, giving you 1 double-sided Organizem™ in each store section. Also, we recommend adding Mrs. A's Shopping Lists (Package of 3 months) in the 3, 6, or 12 month quantity. They fit small, large, or Mrs. A's Standard binders, are double sided, in color, and match typical store sections.

    4. It really is simple; your binder and divider tabs, Mrs. A's Organizems™ Coupon Holder Inserts and Shopping Lists. For reference, study the images on this page, or see how this system works by going to pages related to Mrs. A's Complete Coupon Organizer, "Take the Tour" or "Products"

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