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Why Do You Organize?


We focus so much on the payoffs of organizing; time and money savings, clutter reduction, utilizing akward space. The following photo was taken by the Hubble Telescope. It is the Ant Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas within our own galaxy, some 3,000 to 6,000 light years away.

I gaze with wonder at such beauty. There seems to be a connection between order and beauty. It's why we comb our hair. Random things tend towards unattractiveness. The "ant fight" you see on a TV screen is the amplified random noise generated by electrons in motion. Do you ever organize just to make things beautiful? Let's see. I clean and order my home. I paint pictures and make floral arrangements. The more I think about it, most of my activities in a day involve organization. I'm organizing my brain when learning. Wow, thinking about how important organization is gives me that same feeling as when I look at the stars, the finite trying to comprehend the infinite. It sure is pretty.

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