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October 05, 2007

Why Do You Organize?


We focus so much on the payoffs of organizing; time and money savings, clutter reduction, utilizing akward space. The following photo was taken by the Hubble Telescope. It is the Ant Nebula, a cloud of dust and gas within our own galaxy, some 3,000 to 6,000 light years away.

I gaze with wonder at such beauty. There seems to be a connection between order and beauty. It's why we comb our hair. Random things tend towards unattractiveness. The "ant fight" you see on a TV screen is the amplified random noise generated by electrons in motion. Do you ever organize just to make things beautiful? Let's see. I clean and order my home. I paint pictures and make floral arrangements. The more I think about it, most of my activities in a day involve organization. I'm organizing my brain when learning. Wow, thinking about how important organization is gives me that same feeling as when I look at the stars, the finite trying to comprehend the infinite. It sure is pretty.

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Who Needs a Day Planner?

Who Needs a Day Planner? 

In our last issue, we posted a lengthy article about the lifecycle of a coupon. This month, I'd like to present a memory enhancement for your head. 

We hear lots of cell phones ringing in the grocery stores these days. Poor men, like myself, get calls from their partners asking to bring home additional items. If the list gets too long I forget some of it. To help, I use a mnemonic device which was taught to us in Psychology 101. It's like music and poetry. How many teenagers can or want to memorize poetry? Just add a catchy tune and, well, most teens mind's are full of verse.

One is a bun.

Two is a shoe.

Three is a tree.

Four is a door.

Five is a hive.

Six is a stick.

Seven is heaven.

Eight is a gate.

Nine is a mine.

Ten is a hen.

So, my wife calls me in the store and asks me to get a jar of honey, diapers, apples, etc. Having the little rhyme easily memorized, I map the list to the rhyme. One is a bun. I imagine honey poured on the buns (honey buns). I've created in my mind an image. Two is a shoe. I imagine (OK, it's personal but it works) excrement running down a toddler's leg in to their shoe. They needed a diaper. Three is a tree. I imagine the apples on a tree. And so forth.

It's a simple matter to memorize the rhyme. Then, whenever you need to memorize something, associate rhyme and list images in your mind. It's amazing how well it works. You can expand the concept with other mnemonic techniques. Do an online search on the topic. If you have trouble with names, and you get introduced to someone named Mike, maybe you see that his hairline has a widows peak and forms an M. We don't have to be lost without our planners.

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