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Coupon Holder vs. Organizer

In our last entry, we began to talk about principles of Beneficial organization, that is organizing in such as way as to derive a benefit.

The first principle structures the elements so that all can be seen equally readily, and one element doesn't block the other from view. If you can see everything you are organizing, at the same time and with one glance, you will find your target faster.

I get asked how Mrs. A's Coupon Organizer differs from the many other "coupon organizers". My main comment is that the others are likely "coupon holders" and not organizers, or at least don't organize well enough to offer the full benefit. Notice that with Mrs. A's, one glance shows you all the tabs to quickly find the section for the area of the store you are in. Once in the frozen foods section, for example, one glance now shows you all the coupons you have for frozen foods.

To organize at this level requires marked tabs, clear coupon pockets, and the binder needs to be of sufficient size to hold all of your coupons in view. Look at the many "organizers". Are they small? Are they merely places to stuff and carry your coupons? If so, you will fumble through them in the store, and couponing will take more time than it's worth. Like one of our readers said, "you might as well take your shoe box full of coupons to the store".

Can you imagine if Google didn't organize or index all the web information? A search would be meaningless, or at least take forever. Have you been holding off on adding organization to your couponing? Don't settle for a coupon holder. Organize, benefically!

Space Stout, Guest Writer
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