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What's in organizing?

I sat in a Radio Control (RC) air park on the shores of Lake Benbrook, Texas. A gentle breeze wrestled the remaining leaves on a late fall day. The sun's light was fragmented into a million pieces by the rippling waters. Then the waves picked up the pieces and tossed them ashore. I was startled out of my trance by the glint of light from an airplane wing. A man rolled out a beautiful blue biplane. It must have had a 3-foot wingspan and stood two feet high. I watched the man and his assistant prepare the plane for flight. It was obvious that this was to be the maiden flight of the craft. I contemplated the months and maybe years of labored love that must have gone into its construction. Various materials, all cut, shaped, and organized after the laws of flight. Given the fondness perpetuating a smile on the builder's face, I was surprised to see the assistant take the controls. It dawned on me that the builder was a neophyte, and relegated the first flight duties to his assistant who was very experienced in flying RC planes. I watched in awe as the bi-winged blue thing was put thru its paces. The plane entered a steep dive, but never pulled up. The pilot contorted his face and the controls every which way. The impact left a hole about as big as the mouth of the builder, and pieces of wood shot up so high that, well, I believe some still hang over Lake Benbrook to this day. The pilot was speechless, and just handed the controls and a severely guilty grin back to the builder. I became pensive. All the parts were still there. Why couldn't the plane fly any longer? It had something to do with organization. What was once organized according to the laws of flight, was now disorganized, or organized according to the laws of firewood.

Think about it. Your goals in life won't fly without organizing them according to their governing laws.

Space Stout, Guest Writer
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