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Once there was a baby hummingbird whose parents demised.
He eventually fell to the forest floor and was raised by the
woodland creatures. A naturalist happened by and observed
this most unusual scene; a hummingbird hopping, strutting,
but never flapping. He picked up the avian anomaly, stating
in gentle words "Thou art a hummingbird, fly". The wee bird
hopped to the ground, and resumed feeding. The naturalist
knew what to do. Before dawn the next morning, he placed
the bird into a sack and climbed the highest object around,
which happened to be a cabin roof. He extracted the bird.
The sun started to crest over the peaks. Emerald iridescence
flashed from his wings as the bird stretched them to their
full 3-inch span. A strange impulse coursed his muscles. The
naturalist seized the moment to encourage instinct; "Thou
art a hummingbird, fly", he said with increasing intensity and
frequency. The bird could no longer resist the frenzy of nature
and naturalist, and with a primordial peep, exploded into
flight. The naturalist flew vicariously, arms extended, mi-
micking every turn of the beaked one's flight. The cold
morning gave way to the warmth he felt in knowing that he
had set right a small piece of the world.
The bird soon fatigued and coasted down, through an open
window in the cabin. Frightened, he headed towards voices
familiar from the forest. He landed amongst them. He panted
until he caught his breath. He spoke "What are you guys"?
"Flys". "What are you all doing on this yellow paper"? "The
naturalist hangs it in his cabin, we get stuck in its glue, and slowly
die. What are you crying about, you're a bird. By the way, what
kind of bird are you"? "I, I'm, I'm a hummingbird fly".
Space Stout, Guest Writer
Copyright, Mrs. A's Corporation 2006

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