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I can see clearly now

From Wikipedia.org

"Organizing is the act of rearranging elements following one or more rules. It can also be seeing as the opposite of messing up.

Anything is commonly considered organized when it looks like everything has a correct order of placement. But it's only ultimately organized if any element has no difference on time taken to find it. In that sense, organizing can also be defined as the act to place different objects in sequential arrangement for better searching."

So, just follow one or more rules and your objects will be organized? Well, I organize for the benefits I can get out of it. I look at my son's bedroom and consider the rule set he employed in organizing it (or disorganizing it). "When you're done with it, place it where it will take the least amount of effort to set down". A rule set was followed, but the resultant organization is devoid of benefit.

As an example, my son wanted to watch a video. There was a massive pile of them on the floor. He asked me if I knew where a certain movie was. I replied "no, I don't have the x-ray vision to see beyond the top layer on the pile. Now, if you would discipline yourself to return movies to the organizer on the closet door, then I could see every title at a glance, and rapidly find the one you want".

That's why I like definition 2 above. Beneficial organization structures the elements so that all can be seen equally readily, and one element doesn't block the other from view. That's why the video rack works so well. Not only does it save on space, but it saves on time each time I go to watch a movie.

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