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Background The Company
Mrs. A's Solution to Coupons Commitment to Charity


I am often asked how I came up with the idea for this amazing product. Well, let me tell you… I was a young mother on a budget with four small children. I hated to pay full price for things at the grocery store, especially items like cereal, diapers, and cleaning products. I really wanted to use coupons to save money, so I tried every type of coupon organizer I could find. Unfortunately, none of them really worked -- I was always fumbling through my coupons one at a time, trying to find the right one. It was just too frustrating because it took so much time.

I was tired of the disorganized pile of coupons I was forced to drag to the grocery store every week. Like all shoppers, I needed a coupon organizer that would save me time and money. I wanted to use coupons, but I needed a system that would be easy to use… no more frustration. In order to solve this problem, I developed this system -- not only for myself, but for everyone that needs a quick and efficient way to save money and time when using coupons.

Mrs. A's Solution to Coupons:

There are coupons for just about every product you buy. Shoppers want to use coupons and save money, but usually get frustrated because it takes too much time and ends up being a hassle. Those who do use coupons generally cut them out of the Sunday newspaper and store them in a drawer, box, envelope, or purse. Then, when they want to go to the store, they have to go through all their coupons one at a time, hope they find the ones they're looking for, sort them out, throw away many of them that have expired, and then select the few they intend to use at the grocery store. Once they get to the store, they have to continually sort through the coupons they have one at a time. They may not even use all of the coupons they're carrying. Inevitably, they'll see a product on sale, that together with a coupon, would be a killer deal, but the coupon for that product is at home in the stack with all the others -- now that's frustration!

The Mrs. A's® Grocery Coupon Organizer is designed to help everyone who uses coupons save time and money. Our coupon organizer eliminates the hassle and makes coupons fun and easy. After cutting out coupons, you put them right in the organizer, in the proper categories that are arranged like aisles at the grocery store. Then, when you get ready to prepare your shopping list, you can see exactly which coupons you have. Rather that just taking a few coupons to the store, take the organizer and use those coupons that you ordinarily would have forgotten or left at home.

The magic of Mrs. A's Grocery Coupon Organizer is that you can handle and view multiple coupons at a glance - not just one at a time. Now, as you go down the cereal aisle at the supermarket, you can view anywhere from 10 to 20 coupons at a glance. You know which coupons you have for the products you are looking for. It's that simple. Mrs. A's Grocery Coupon Organizer is protected by U.S. Patent # 5,480,192.

With this organizer, you'll save time and money like never before!

The Company:

Mrs. A's Corporation was founded in 1993, and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company is a privately-held business. For years, Mrs. A's Corporation has provided shoppers with the most innovative grocery coupon organizer available.

Commitment to Charity:

Mrs. A's Corporation is committed to helping others. When you buy Mrs. A's products, you are not just helping yourself save time and money, you are helping those in need. Ten percent (10%) of all corporate profits are donated to charities dedicated to alleviating hunger, especially among children. To date, Mrs. A's has made donations to the following charities: UNICEF, CARE, and Freedom from Hunger.